EXTREME Easy Coffee

There’s nothing quite like the clarity and energy you feel in the morning running on a cocktail of body fat, caffeine, and ketones. Now the body fat and ketones take care of themselves on a keto diet but the caffeine takes some effort so we’ll minimize that so you can focus on your work.

Using this method, brewing once makes enough coffee concentrate for about a weeks worth of coffee. To make each cup just pour as much coffee concentrate as you want and add hot or cold water until it reaches the color you want. I usually prefer one part concentrate to two parts hot water (1/3 concentrate). Each cup takes virtually no time and gives you total control over the caffeine timing and frequency.

Black coffee


Hands-on: 3 minutes
Total: 48 hours



  • Electric kettle (Easy hot water to mix with the concentrate)
  • Food scale (Makes measuring the coffee quick and precise)
  • Funnel (Makes poring coffee grounds into the filter quick and mess free)
  • Second pitcher (To store and pour the coffee so you can make more in the cold brew pitcher before you run out)
  • Beaker (Measurements right on your cup and plenty of room to blend fat into your coffee with a hand blender)


  • 120 grams (1.5 cups) Coffee Beans – depending on how strong you want the concentrate.


  1. Weigh out 120g (1.5 cups) of coffee beans and grind them coarse
  2. Fill the filter with coffee grounds[1]If you can’t weigh your coffee fill the filter to an inch or two below the top (use a funnel if you’ve got one)
  3. Fill the pitcher to 2 inches from the top of the clear bottle
  4. Twist to attach the lid to filter, seal the lid, shake it a bit, and put it in the fridge on its side
  5. Feel free to shake it up occasionally during brewing
  6. After 36-48 hours take out and empty filter of grounds into the trash and pour the coffee into the second pitcher. The coffee will stay good for a couple of weeks.

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1. If you can’t weigh your coffee fill the filter to an inch or two below the top