Hot drinks are great for making fasting easier and help get rid of the urge to have snacks. Having coffee, yerba mate, or green tea in the morning while fasting and deep in ketosis is about as productive as anyone could possibly feel.

  • This particular coffee is made using methods that prevent mold growth. I never get a headache or brain fog with this coffee like I do with some others.
  • This is another one I drink nearly every day, it has about half the caffeine content of coffee but has a mixture of other natural stimulants including theobromine (commonly found in chocolate).
  • My favorite tea by far, it has an amazing sweet aftertaste and is one of the few teas I can drink a ton and not get sick of. Delicious with powdered MCT  and coconut oil or heavy cream.
  • When I want some quick green tea, this is what I use. Takes 30-40 seconds to brew.

  • I’ll occasionally have this tea with some heavy cream in it instead of a late dinner a couple of hours before I go to bed.
  • This one is a magnesium supplement but when you mix it with sparkling water it’s a refreshing drink and a great soda replacement.
  • One of the few sparkling waters you can get online for a reasonable price. Easy way to mix carbonated water with some Natural Calm for a tasty drink.
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