US Wellness Meats

US Wellness Meats is my favorite place to buy meat for the convenience, price, and quality. Everything they sell is high-quality and grass-fed when possible. These are my all-time favorites but they carry all kinds of beef, bison, lamb, poultry, pork, and dairy so feel free to look around and see if there’s anything else you might like.

  • My go-to meat, inexpensive, plenty of grass-fed fats, cooks quickly, and with the right flavors can be delicious.
  • Brisket is by far my favorite roast, no dense chunks of fat, veins, or tendons. Plenty of meltable fats, flavor, and shreddable meat. They call this one “small” but 3lbs. is just the right size for the Instant Pot.
  • My favorite cut of steak with the right amount of fat interspersed and just the right amount of tenderness. Doesn’t fall apart like a filet and isn’t rubbery like tougher cuts.
  • Tasty sausages that are great on their own or with eggs, veggies, and on keto pizza.

Lykens Valley Raw Cheddar Cheese

Raw Cheddar Cheese (Mild / Sharp)

  • Take a couple spoon fulls and mix with hot water for a drink or add to ground beef, roasts, and veggies for a tasty way to get all those amazing nutrients from beef bones and connective tissues.
  • These are my favorite pork rinds, they’re consistently puffy, crunchy, and have a tasty BBQ flavor with no added sugar.
  • I always opt for unsalted so I can use it in things like coffee or waffles and I can always add my own Real Salt with more trace minerals when I want to.
  • Grass-fed and raw can be very hard to find so this is very high-quality cheddar.

Note: This page contains affiliate links that make me a small percentage of the sales at no cost to you. This is currently the best way for me to keep Savage Fuel sustainable and work towards developing and producing original ketogenic products that I wish existed.