EXTREME Easy Bacon

If you want to join the keto big leagues you need to start by mastering the fundamentals and it doesn’t get any more fundamental than bacon. Bacon is the backbone and foundation upon which all worthy ketogenic and low carb diets are built.

With this method say goodbye to clean up, constant flipping, and undercooked spots, and hello to perfectly cooked bacon that you can finally cook shirtless again without getting bombarded by splattering grease. So it’s time to step up your bacon game by utilizing the patent pending Maximum Efficiency Bacon™ method.



Hands-on: 2 minutes
Total: 15-20 minutes



  • Grease Keeper (Bacon fat is great for cooking eggs, beef, salmon, etc.)



  1. Set oven to 400° (You can put the bacon in at any time.)

  2. Tear off two sheets of parchment paper, one for the baking sheet and the other for the plate.

  3. Put bacon on the baking sheet, put it in the oven, and set a timer for less than you think the bacon will take to cook 8-12 minutes is a good place to start. You can keep an eye on the bacon or set another short timer to check again. (The more you use this method the better you’ll get at estimating the cook time and you won’t have to check it as often. Currently, I’m a certified level 4 bacon whisperer and can predict perfect bacon down to the millisecond.)


4. Take bacon out at desired doneness, use any utensil on hand to transfer to the plate, save the grease (or not), and throw the parchment paper away. Grease won’t pass through the parchment paper so there’s no clean up!


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Clay Owen