Are HighKey Mini Cookies Keto Friendly?

In this product review, I’m going to give HighKey Mini Cookies keto friendly ratings, see how they compare to similar keto friendly products, and give you my recommendation. These ratings and recommendations are based on my experience of being on the ketogenic diet for over 6 years including hundreds of blood ketone tests and product evaluations.


Keto Friendly 5 Star Scale

Keto Friendly Ratings are my estimate of a products impact on ketosis based on factors including percentage of total calories from net carbohydrates and hidden carbohydrates. For more on the factors I weigh to rate products, see Keto Safe Product Standards.

5 Stars: Completely compatible, positive or no impact on ketosis.
4 Stars: Highly compatible, minimal impact on ketosis.
3 Stars: Moderately compatible, medium impact on ketosis.
2 Stars: Barely compatible, heavy impact on ketosis.
1 Star: Not compatible, severe impact on ketosis.

HighKey Mini Cookies Keto Friendly Ratings

  • Chocolate Chip: 4 Stars
    6% of calories from net carbs (Good)
    3% of calories from sugar
    Hidden Carbohydrates: None

  • Snickerdoodle: 5 Stars
    3% of calories from net carbs (Great)
    3% of calories from sugar
    Hidden Carbohydrates: None

HighKey Mini Cookies Keto Friendly Conclusion


HighKey Mini Cookies vs Quest Cookies

Average Percent of Total Calories from Net Carbs

HighKey mini cookies are among the most keto friendly cookies I’ve come across. They’re low in total calories from net carbs, high in fat, and have no added sugars or hidden carbs like the soluble corn fiber in Quest Cookies. If you’re looking for a crunchy cookie sweet treat similar to Famous Amos cookies, HighKey Mini Cookies are a great keto friendly option!

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Disclaimer: I am not a doctor. Please consult a medical professional before making any medical decisions. These are my personal opinions based on years of practicing the ketogenic diet.