How to Measure Your Blood Ketone Levels

The purpose of this post is to show you how to measure your blood ketone levels and the best places to buy what you’ll need.

As of right now blood ketone meters have the best accuracy to cost ratio (very accurate, moderate cost) and are considered the “gold standard” of ketone measurement.

Unfortunately, testing by urine has its problems because it only measures the ketones that spill over into your urine which means you can test negative on the strip but be deep in ketosis because your body is efficiently using the ketones your liver is producing and so not spilling any over into your urine. Alternatively, you can show high on the strip and have a low blood ketone levels because your body is producing ketones but isn’t able to use them yet which can be confusing when trying to match up how you feel to different ketone levels.

Measuring ketones by breath, on the other hand, is showing promise but isn’t quite ready yet, there is one company leading the way called Ketonix but the units are expensive, difficult to purchase, and there isn’t enough data proving their accuracy yet.



What You'll Need:

I'm updating this post because there is a new company out there kicking ass and selling cheap ketone test strips. Makes this guide a lot shorter too! Simply check out Keto Mojos shop page and buy whatever pack fits your needs.

Here's a quick video on how to actually test your blood ketones once you get your meter.


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Clay Owen