BBQ Sauce

One gram of carbohydrate per tablespoon and still tasty. Sweetened with sucralose (same as diet soda) which isn’t optimal but if you want that BBQ flavor these are my favorites.


Ketchup with no added sugar.


Monin Syrups

The only sugar-free flavor syrups I've found that use Erythrtiol as the primary sweetener.


Lakanto Monkfruit Sweetener

Erythritol and monkfruit blend that tastes like brown sugar and has a 1:1 sweetness with sugar.

Yellow and Brown Mustard

No sugar added mustard.

Sugar-Free Sriracha
(Regular / Garlic)

From the same makers of traditional Sriracha sauce, this is a thicker version of Sriracha without the added sugar. The Garlic flavor tastes the closest to Sriracha.

Tobasco Sauce

Salt, vinegar, and heat. No wonder Tobasco sauce has been around for so long. Still my favorite hot sauce.


Tomato Sauce
(Marinara / Basil / ArrabiataVodka)

No added sugar and olive oil instead of soy. Rao’s is delicious and comes in plenty of flavors. A great way to add flavor and lycopene to roasts, ground beef, and pizza. Freeze into cubes for long-term storage.

Ceylon Cinnamon

I add this to my coffee, yerba mate, and tea. Ceylon cinnamon is delicious and I never get sick of it.


Liquid Stevia

A great way to sweeten things like yerba mate, tea, and baked goods. A little goes a long way and beware some people have a gene that makes them taste the bitterness in stevia so you may not like it.

Vanilla Extract

Great for adding that sweet vanilla flavor without any actual sweeteners.




Whole peppercorns with a grinder is the best way to keep fresh pepper ready for every meal.



Turmeric adds a great flavor to almost everything, roasts, ground beef, scrambled eggs, and pizza. But more importantly, contains curcumin which has a lot of health benefits.

Italian Seasoning

Great mix of Italian herbs, just dump some on anything to give it a balanced herbal flavor. Takes keto pizza to the next level.


Cajun Seasoning

One of my favorite seasoning mixes, adds a smoky Louisiana almost BBQ like flavor without the sugar.



Red Pepper Flakes

I add this to anything I want to make spicier without changing the overall flavor. I add it to roasts, ground beef, scrambled eggs, and keto pizza.

Jalapeno Slices

Another way to spice up things like ground beef and add some crunch.


Very low glycemic index sugar alcohol. I don’t use it very often but if you like to bake keto things Erythritol is one of the best sweeteners.



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