Convection Oven

Heats up quick and is the perfect size for a quarter baking sheet to make bacon, sausages, keto pizza, and eggs.


Covered Glass Dish

Add a splash of water and your favorite keto-friendly veggies, toss it in the microwave and you’ll get perfectly cooked and bright vegetables every time.

Stainless Steel Stockpot

Great for big batches of anything. I use it primarily to cook about 5lbs of 55% lean grass-fed ground beef at a time.


Food Scale

Measuring by weight instead of volume reduces cleanup, saves time, and increases precision following any recipe.


Quarter Baking Sheet

Combined with baking parchment this glorious tablet is the perfect tool for baking bacon, sausages, eggs, keto pizza, and more.


Baking Parchment Paper

Never clean your baking sheet again and avoid getting aluminum in your blood. Also perfect on plates with low moisture foods like bacon and pizza you won’t have to wash the plate either.


Coconut Oil Cooking Spray

Quick and easy non-stick spray for baking or eggs and great for higher temperatures.

Cooking Thermometer

Take the guess-work out of cooking meat.


Electric Kettle

Great for keeping boiling water ready for coffee, tea, or mate whenever you want it.


Beaker Mug

I love using a beaker as a mug so I can feel how hot the drink is with my hands to know when it’s cool enough to drink. I can also measure out exactly how much I want, and it’s big enough to use with an immersion blender when I want to blend in fats.