Nalgene Bottle (32oz/1Q)

Indestructible bottles with measurements. I use a different color bottle for water, salt water, and Natural Calm.

Hydro Flask (40oz)

For any liquids you want to keep hot or cold.

Glass Storage Containers

If you prefer glass and have the cash these are your best bet for re-heating food right in the container.

Pepper Grinder

Great little pepper grinder, much better than using pre-ground pepper which gets stale and moldy much quicker.


Bacon Fat Keeper

Bacon fat is great for any kind of cooking and adds a great flavor to thinks like steak and eggs.

Storage Bags (Gallon / Quart)

Sturdy storage bags that come in quart and gallon sizes.

Ice Cube Trays

Great for freezing tomato sauce, bone broth, or coffee to cool coffee without watering it down. Basically anything you want to freeze in individual servings.