The best keto friendly chocolate by a mile and my personal favorite keto dessert.

F-Bomb Pouches

Portable pouches of delicious nut butter and coconut or chocolate. Tasty high-fat snacks you can take anywhere.

Nui Cookies

Use code savage10 to get 10% off! These used to be called Keto Kookies, they changed their name but they're still the most keto friendly cookies I've found.

Keto Bars

Ultra low-carb, high in fat, lower in protein, and delicious. Great keto alternative to protein bars.


Rebel Ice Cream

The best tasting and most keto friendly ice cream I’ve ever had. It’s incredible.

Smart Cakes

Ultra keto-friendly, fluffy, and delicious cakes.

Stoka Bars

Basically ultra-crunchy keto friendly nature's valley granola bars. One of my personal favorites.

KNOW Cookies

A bit higher in net carbs since they updated their formula, but still keto friendly. Stay away from the lemon flavor though, much higher in net carbs.


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