55% Lean Ground Beef!

My go-to meat, inexpensive, plenty of grass-fed fats, cooks quickly, and with the right flavors can be delicious.


Brisket is by far my favorite roast, no dense chunks of fat, veins, or tendons. Plenty of meltable fats, flavor, and shreddable meat. They call this one “small” but 3lbs.

Ribeye Steak

My favorite cut of steak with the right amount of fat interspersed and just the right amount of tenderness. Doesn’t fall apart like a filet and isn’t rubbery like tougher cuts.

Italian Pork Sausage

Tasty sausages that are great on their own or with eggs, veggies, and on keto pizza.


Beef Gelatin

Take a couple spoon fulls and mix with hot water for a drink or add to ground beef, roasts, and veggies for a tasty way to get all those amazing nutrients from beef bones and connective tissues.

BBQ Spice Pork Rinds

These are my favorite pork rinds, they’re consistently puffy, crunchy, and have a tasty BBQ flavor with no added sugar.

Grass-fed Unsalted Butter

I always opt for unsalted so I can use it in things like coffee or waffles and I can always add my own Real Salt with more trace minerals when I want to.

Raw Cheddar Cheese
(Mild / Sharp)

Grass-fed and raw can be very hard to find so this is very high-quality cheddar.


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